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亚搏国际手机版APP|热刺遭耻辱绝平 穆里尼奥到底该负多少责任?

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   If you are a Tottenham fan, then you must be very frustrated, because Tottenham was evened with a 3-0 lead.


   If you are a Mourinho fan, then you must be very unwilling, because Mourinho has a good reputation, but because of such an unexpected draw, you are once again in dispute.


  The question is, is Mourinho responsible for this draw?


   From a tactical point of view, Mourinho's setup in the first half was extremely successful. Starting with the 433 formation, Hoibel, Ndombele and Sissoko were placed in the midfield. This setting is undoubtedly hard, but there are certain flaws in creativity. So Mourinho asked Harry Kane to withdraw. , And take care of the organization work most of the time. There is no doubt that Kane did a good job. He gave Sun Xingmin an assist at the start.

从战术角度来看,穆里尼奥在上半场的设置非常成功。从433编队开始,Hoibel,Ndombele和Sissoko被放置在中场。这种设置无疑是很难的,但是在创造力方面存在某些缺陷。因此,穆里尼奥要求哈里·凯恩退出。 ,并且大部分时间都要照顾组织工作。毫无疑问,凯恩做得很好。一开始他为孙兴民提供了帮助。

 亚搏手机APP版  After Kane retreated, Mourinho let Sun Xingmin act as an arrow, and his left side was freed up for Reggie Long to play, which just allowed him to show his strong assist ability. Mourinho's tactical setup was undoubtedly extremely successful in the first half. Therefore, Tottenham easily locked the 3-0 lead.

凯恩退缩后,穆里尼奥让孙兴民充当箭矢,他的左侧被腾出让雷吉·朗(Reggie Long)上场,这让他表现出了强大的助攻能力。上半年,穆里尼奥的战术设置无疑非常成功。因此,热刺轻松锁定了3-0的领先优势。

   This is Mourinho's success in this field. But in the second half, Mourinho's adjustments became a booster for Tottenham to lose points.


   In the second half, West 亚搏国际手机版APPHam began to give it a go and pressed Tottenham. At this time, Mourinho's formation began to go wrong. With the decline in physical fitness, Mourinho’s 433 formation protects the center and the wing. Tottenham can dominate the game in the first half. In the second half, it will be directly in a hard fight with West Ham, unable to occupy the advantage on the field. . At this time, Mourinho obviously should make adjustments-

在下半场,西汉姆开始放手并按热刺。这时,穆里尼奥的阵型开始出现问题。随着体能的下降,穆里尼奥的433编队保护了中锋和机翼。托特纳姆热刺可以在上半场占据主导地位。下半场,它将直接与西汉姆汉姆展开艰苦的战斗,无法在场上占据优势。 。此时,穆里尼奥显然应该做出调整-

But Mourinho underestimated the enemy. His move turned out to be Winks replacing Ndombele and Bale replacing Belvin. This is equivalent to a matchup substitution. Mourinho did not increase Tottenham’s defensive power. . Then in the 79th minute, Mourinho replaced Sun Xingmin with Lucas Jr., which was another matchup substitution, and it did not increase the team's defense. Even Mourinho’s third substitution weakened Tottenham’s defense to some extent. After all, Sun Xingmin still has a certain defensive ability, while the younger Lucas basically has no defensive ability.

但是穆里尼奥低估了敌人。事实证明,他的举动是Winks取代Ndombele,Bale取代Belvin。这等效于比赛替代。穆里尼奥没有提高托特纳姆热刺队的防守能力。 。然后在第79分钟,穆里尼奥用小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)取代了孙兴民,这是另一场比赛的替补,但并没有增加球队的防守。甚至穆里尼奥的第三次换人也在一定程度上削弱了热刺的防守。毕竟,孙兴民仍然具有一定的防御能力,而年轻的卢卡斯基本上没有防御能力。

   Mourinho's operation revealed the idea of ​​training soldiers, but he ignored the fact that Tottenham was losing ground before the substitution. So the evil result appeared. After Mourinho ran out of three substitutions, West Ham United immediately rose. They scored three goals in the last 10 minutes, rewriting the score to 3-3. Because of this,

穆里尼奥的行动揭示了训练士兵的想法,但他忽略了托特纳姆热刺在替补前失守地面这一事实。于是邪恶的结果出现了。穆里尼奥(Mourinho)换人三人后,西汉姆联(West Ham United)立即上升。他们在过去10分钟内攻入了3个进球,将比分改写为3-3。因为这,



   At least, Tottenham players are also responsible. An obvious phenomenon in the second half was that the Spurs players played too loosely. They had many good counterattacks. However, the Spurs players were too pursuing complex cooperation, and after a big lead, they wanted to show off. . As a result, Tottenham's offense in the second half was misfired, and the sharp and efficient counterattack in the first half rarely came out again.

至少,热刺球员也要负责。下半场的一个明显现象是马刺队的球员打得过于宽松。他们有许多好的反击。但是,马刺队的球员太追求复杂的合作,在取得巨大领先之后,他们想炫耀。 。结果,托特纳姆热刺在下半场的进攻失误了,上半场尖锐而有效的反击很少再出现。

   Not only that, but the mentality of Tottenham players is also obviously problematic-they are not very good at playing when they are leading. Especially in the last ten minutes or so, Tottenham players became more and more tense with their kicks, their movements were deformed, and panic when they played the ball became the norm. In this case, West Ham United played momentum, and Tottenham became a sick cat, just want to hide in the corner. At this time, the more you persuade, the more your opponent's arrogance will be fueled, so West Ham United pulled three goals in the last 10 minutes. Mourinho saw clearly after the game: "West Ham's luck may be deserved; Tottenham's misfortune may also be deserved."


Of course,


   The birth of a magical game is definitely the result of multiple factors. Tottenham’s shameful draw is like this. Mourinho’s substitutions are not reasonable enough and need to bear certain responsibilities, but defi亚搏国际手机版APPnitely not all. The mentality of players and luck are also factors that cannot be ignored.


and so,


   (small nine)


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